Our rolled Oats are the most natural product in the market.

Oat groats are gently crushed without heat and not bleached, Just pure, natural Oats for your porridge, muesli, granola, soups and stews. Made from whole grains including the cereal germ and fibre-rich bran portion of the grain, as well as the endosperm (the usual product of milling), it contains high levels of nutrients, fibre, proteins, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and other phytochemicals.


Our Oats come from Organic family farm in Lithuania. It's grown and harvested with care and dedication without the use of artificial fertilisers and harmful agricultural treatments.


Organic Rolled OATS 


Nutritional Information per 100g.





6.7 g. of which saturates 1.4 g.


14.6 g.


64.1 g. of which sugars 1.1 g.


0.001 g.


Storage: keep it closed and store in a cool dry place

Packaging material: paper


County of origin: Lithuania EU

None GMO.

Rolled OATS

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