Raw, Organic, Natural, Untreated HONEY


Allergen advice: do not consume if allergic to any bee products.


Nutritional Information per 100g.





0 g. of which saturates 0 g.


1 g.


80 g. of which sugars 80 g.


0 g.


Storage: keep closed and store in a cool dry place

Packaging: glass jar, metal lid

Fully recyclable/reusable


County of origin: Lithuania EU

None GMO.

Gluten free



Available to buy in 250g, 700g and 1 kg. jars


This is pure, raw, unpasteurised Honey made by wonderful honeybees that thrive in Organic Lithuanian forests and meadows.  

Honeybees are looked after hobby beekeepers which ensures that bee wellbeing is up to the highest organic standards: bees live in wooden beehives and there are no environmental pollutants around, just natural, healthy plants and trees. Hence our honey contains enzymes, vitamins and minerals and has antiviral and antimicrobial properties.  


Please note:

Raw, natural honey might have slightly different colour and this depends on when it has been collected due to flowering plant species in spring and summer.

Also, it is natural characteristics of raw honey to set (crystallise), so there is impossible to buy raw runny honey in late autumn and winter.



If you require liquid, runny honey, you can stand required amount of honey in a warm water bath for it to melt. Honey should not reach temperature of more than 40°C as all health benefits will be lost.

Raw, Natural, Organic HONEY 700g


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