Fine Milled SPELT


Allergen advice: contains gluten

Ingredients: Organic SPELT

Nutritional Information per 100g.




2.3 g. of which saturates 0.61 g.


12.1 g.


 70.46 g. of which sugars <0.20 g.


0.06 g.



Storage: keep it closed and store in a cool dry place

Packaging material: paper

County of origin: Lithuania EU

None GMO.

Corse Spelt Semolina

SKU: 0007
  • Organic Fine Milled Spelt made from whole Organic Spelt grains. The fine, nutty taste and the sticky consistency gives the right properties for baking.


     It is perfect for breakfast porridge, add to bakes and breads, use instead of breadcrumbs for coating, thicken the stews and many more ways in a home cooking.


    It is full of nutrients and great vitamins and minerals including potassium, magnesium and vitamins B and E as well as high fibre content.


    Our Fine Milled Spelt comes from Organic family farm in Lithuania. It's grown, harvested and milled with care and dedication without the use of artificial fertilisers and harmful agricultural treatments.


    Available to buy in 800 g., 2 kg.  


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