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SPELT, Halloumi & Tomato salad

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

This nutritional and easy to make salad can be eaten warm or cold, perfect for lunch boxes

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Spelt, Halloumi and Tomato salad

· Cooked SPELT grains (as much as you desire or how hungry you are)

· Halloumi cheese - cut into squares

· 1 large Red Onion - diced in half moon shape

· 4 large tomatoes - cut into half of 4 pieces

· Cayenne pepper, black pepper & salt to taste

1. Put Organic SPELT grains in a pan of fresh water, add a few pinches of salt, bring to the boil, reduce the heat and simmer for 20 min. Drain well.

Tip: I cook a good few handfuls of spelt at once, drain it overnight and put in a container with lid, store it in the fridge and use when needed.

2. In a hot frying pan add avocado oil or other oil of your choice, fry the onion with cayenne pepper, add halloumi pieces and fry until all moisture evaporates and cheese is warmed or golden (depending on how you like it).

3. Add tomato pieces and fry again on high flame to soften the tomato and release its delicious sweetness.

4. Add SPELT grains and seasoning and toss everything in the pan to mix the flavours.

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