Fermented Cabbage, Beetroot and SPELT salad

No quantities in this recipe – just use as much cabbage as you like and add the same amount of cooked grated beetroot.

I roast plain raw beetroots with the skin on in covered cast iron dish in the oven for an hour or more, depending of the size of the beetroots. Then when they cool down, peal the outer skin off and grate them.

Mix with fermented cabbage/sauerkraut, add organic pumpkin seeds, pink Himalayan salt and unrefined organic sunflower oil (it gives a really good flavour) and cooked Spelt grains

Mix everything together and keep in the fridge in covered container.

It tasted better next day when flavours mix together properly.

Enjoy it on its own, put in a lunchbox, serve with steak or baked potato.

Just experiment and Enjoy!!!

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